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Shenzhen Green Fiber Glass Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap composite material,fiber glass statue,Christmas gift,Advertising display shelf,Store decoration Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
Our company was a system of the factory established in 2013 with an independent plant. Factory main production: fine glass fiber reinforced plastic cartoon doll animals, shopping malls united, window displays, high brand image designs, cartoon furniture, children's restaurants, flower POTS planters, large advertising modellings, Christmas gifts, hotel artifacts, film and television props, electric car shells, shell machineries, such as a variety of different glass fiber reinforced plastic products. At the same time sales of glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials and auxiliary materials.

Paying attention to detail processing, all products professional car paint + car paint spraying to ensure that the product surface paint color/full fitness/texture.

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Company: Shenzhen Green Fiber Glass Co., Ltd.
Address: No.39 Shiji Road,Shibi Village,Liulian Community,Pingdi Street,Longgang District
Postcode: 518117
Telephone: 0086-755-89948702
Fax: 0086-755-89948469
Website: http://www.handbagt.com/suppliers/greenfiberglass/
Contact P: Nancy Zhang (Sir.)
Mobile: 18316627177